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By Daily Mail Reporter. An eight year-old boy was skinned and his flesh fed to cannibal relatives after his mother kept him locked in a cellar, a court has heard. Evil Klara Mauerova - a member of a sinister religious cult - wept in court as she admitted torturing her son Ondrej and his ten year-old brother Jakub. The court also heard allegations that relatives had partially skinned eight-year-old Ondrej and then eaten the raw human flesh. The two boys told how their mother and relatives had stubbed cigarettes out on their bare skin, whipped them with belts and tried to drown them.

The court heard how the family had sexually abused them and even made them cut themselves with knives. They said they were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables and made to stand in their own urine for days.

The sick abuse was discovered when a man in Brno in the Czech Republic installed a TV baby monitor to keep watch on his newborn child. But it picked up a signal from an identical monitor next door showing one of the victims beaten, naked and chained in a cellar. Sick Mauerova is understood to have intalled it so she could gloat over her victims' suffering from the comfort of her kitchen.

Police were called, and the boy and his brother, as well as what appeared to be a year-old girl were freed. At that time police did not realise the year-old, who had been formally adopted, was really year-old Barbora Skrlova - one of the children's torturers. She later ran away to Norway but was found earlier this year by Czech cops who brought her back to the Czech Republic to face trial.

Her "brother", eight-year-old Ondrej, had been locked and chained in the cellar by his mother Klara for months. He had been gagged so he could not scream and beaten as well. It later emerged his brother Jakub had also been abused. Mauerova has admitted abusing her children but she said she had been manipulated by her sister Katerina and Skrlova. Katerina Mauerova and Skrlova and another relative are all accused of involvement in the abuse of the boys.

The court has also heard claims that the abuse of the boys was co-ordinated by a man known only as the "Doctor" who sent mobile phone text messages to the Mauerova sisters telling them how to abuse the two boys. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

Argos AO. Share or comment on this article: Boy 'skinned and eaten' by his cannibal cult family. AI scanners monitor pedestrian's social distancing Suspect drives over a police car in daring escape Animal circus trainer caught 'dragging exhausted dog by the collar' Minister says spread of Coronavirus is 'getting out of control' Moment 'calm and confident' Uber driver turns 'ferocious and angry'.

Comments 0 Share what you think. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. The special defines racism for younger viewers Dakota Fanning makes the rare move of posing in her lingerie but it is for a good causeThe story of the Mauerova family is a bizarre and disturbing tale involving cannibalism, child abuse, identity theft and cults.

This crime sounds exactly like the plot of some Quentin Tarantino movie but what happened in this family is very much true. Morbidology is a weekly true crime podcast created and hosted by Emily G. Using investigative research combined with primary audio, Morbidology takes an in-depth look at true crime cases from all across the world.

Her sister, Katerina, had a mission too, she said. Klara went on to have two sons — Ondrej and Jakub. The father of the sons eventually left Klara because of her bizarre behavior. Nevertheless, Klara was said to be a good mother in the beginning and would often be seen playing with her two boys. However, after the break up, Klara and her sons then moved in with her sister, Katerina. The sisters then became friendly with year-old Barbora Skrlova, an award-winning classical composer.

Barbora had a glandular disease that made her look much younger than she really was. In fact, people often mistook her for a child. However, Barbora used this to her advantage. Prone to getting in trouble with the law, Barbora often posed as a minor to avoid charges being filed. Before coming to the Czech Republic from Scandinavia, Barbora posed — and even became legal — as a year-old girl named Anicka. However, they also believed that they were absolved to commit crimes.

The three women unleashed a barrage of abuse on 8-year-old Ondrej and 9-year-old Jakub. The two boys were locked in a cage in the basement where they remained for a year. During that year, they were completely stripped and given no blankets or anything soft to lay on.

They were starved, tortured, beaten and sexually assaulted. In addition, the boys were burned with cigarettes, given electric shocks, scratched with forks, whipped and almost drowned.

The boys were forced to cut themselves with knive. If either boy vomited, they would be forced to eat it. It was soon decided they would force feed the boys to make them gain weight. After gaining some weight, the women held Ondej down and skinned his leg as he screamed and pleaded. The three women then ate the raw flesh. They did the same to Jakub and even forced the boys to consume their own flesh.In order to rectify the situation, the adults in the household decided to torture the two children.

Like anomalien. A lot. Ondrej Mauer and his brother Jakub had been whipped with belts. They had cigarettes stubbed out on them. They had been dunked under water until they were on the verge of drowning. Ondrej and Jakub had been sexually abused and made to cut themselves with knives. Barbara Skrlova They were forced to stand and sit in their own urine and feces for days in the dark while being kept in cages or handcuffed to tables.

Ondrej also had the pleasure of being skinned. His flesh, which was cut from him in strips, was either fed to the boy, or had been fed to the adults in the household. Once pieces of the boy had been carved from him, he had been gagged and tied and thrown into a room to sit for a while. As those of you who have purchased and used baby monitors in the past know, sometimes signals from those monitors get mixed up. People can hear or see things from nearby baby monitors on their own.

His monitor picked up the signal from the monitor that was broadcasting from the house of Klara Mauerova and Barbara Skrlova.

His monitor picked up a strange signal. An extremely disturbing signal. So he called the cops. Police searched the Mauerova house on the 10th of May, When Katerina Mauerova and Klara Mauerova refused to open a locked door, it was broken down.

Behind that door was Ondrej. Ondrej Mauerova had been beaten, was dehydrated and in generally very poor health as a result of the abuse that he endured for what is believed to be about six months.

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There was a video monitor next to him that Klara Mauerova had used to watch the abuse from the kitchen. A few days later, Anna disappeared from her foster home. Everyone looked for Anna, who Klara Mauerova had legally adopted in March of Mom Klara Mauerova left and Barbara Skrlova right Authorities believe that when Klara Mauerova appealed to court for custody of Anna, whom Klara said had been abandoned by her own family, the daughter of a fellow cult member pretended to be the young girl.

The cult then gave the newly created identity of Anna to Barbara Skrlova — who looks like a year-old girl — so she could be groomed for a leading role in the sect. Authorities believe that the cult wanted to turn the tiny girl into sort of an idol for them to worship. After being released, Barbara Skrlova ran off to Norway for a while, at one point sending a 9-page letter to President Vaclav Klaus defending Klara Mauerova.

In the end, however, Barbara Skrlova was found, arrested and brought back to face the music. Klara Mauerova cried and cried during her trial. She admitted the torture of her son Ondrej and his ten year-old brother Jakub.Oh gosh!

I didn't know about this story. It is a horror story indeed, sometimes real life surpasses movies! I wish I could look younger, but not at the cost of having so many mental illnesses haha. This is weird and despite of her mental illness, she is very intelligent and wicked. She used to lie by her innocent appearance to get food and hospitality, imitating a homeless and abused girl.

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She met in the university in Czech Republic a woman called Klara Mauerova, who apparently seemed a normal person but she had episodes of schizophrenia, she got married with an old man and they had two children. However they broke their relationship and Klara and her children were invited by her sister Katerina, who also had schizophrenia, to live with her.

Klara adopted Barbora because she thought that Barbora was a lonely girl and she offered her to live together. Klara was an affectionate mother, so Barbora was jealous of the children and she took advantage of the mental illness of the sisters and she started to manipulate them.

One day Barbora bought security cameras to watch the cage but unfortunately for her, their neighbors bought security cameras too and the cameras made interference.

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When the neighbors watched the videos of the cameras, they saw three kids, which two of them were in a cage and the other was a girl crying. They called the police but they thought that Barbora was a little girl and she blamed the sisters Mauerova, the sisters were imprisoned by seven years.

One of the children died and the other confessed that Barbora was implicated in the case. Unknown June 6, at AM.

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Unknown September 15, at AM. Newer Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Produced through Dark Castle Entertainment, the psychological horror film received mixed reviews, but everyone agreed that the performance of Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther, the mysterious orphan, was haunting and exceptional.

However, after being with the family for a few weeks Natalia began acting strangely, threatening the family and acting erratically, after which the mother became convinced Natalia was actually an adult.

Indiana couple Kristine and Michael Barnett were well-versed in raising children with special needs. Inthey adopted six-year-old Natalia Grace from the Ukraine; she had a form of dwarfism that made it difficult for her to walk. Natalia had been in the US for about two years when she came to live with the Barnetts, coming to live with them after her last adopted family had given her up for undisclosed reasons.

After a while, Natalia started acting strangely. Later, legal charges were waged against the Barnetts in when Natalia reported to the police that she had been abandoned by her family. The Barnetts were charged with two counts of felony neglect of a minor.

Kristine still maintains that Natalia is a dangerous adult running a scam, while Michael, now divorced from Kristine, claims the couple knew the entire time that Natalia was a childbut Kristine convinced everyone to lie about her age.

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Horror Movie “Orphan” Is based On Real Events: The Story Of Barbora Skrlova

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barbora skrlova story

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barbora skrlova story

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barbora skrlova story

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