Epic 7 arena defense

Due to having issues with making this on Epic7x. This tier list assumes you have your characters geared well.

Here is how each tier is ranked accordingly:. Most people will be in Bronze, so often times you will see pocket picks and some unique picks. Once you get to silver and higher, all the top tier picks will show up almost every time. The best healer and attacker buffer for RTA.

Hero story examples

Allows you to pick very aggressive damage dealers and still come out on top. She is countered by Basar and other AoE strippers, but remains highly valuable to any offensive team composition.

Her soul burn also helps reduce her S3 to only 4 turns. Seaside Bellona is just too good. She can counter AoE cleave teams by just surviving. She can do damage and apply defense break via her S2 without needing to move. She is very versatile and is a highly contested pick in most matches. Her S3 also hard counters fire damage picks like Kayron, Melissa, Cermia etc.

Just like Seaside Bellona, he can also deal damage without having to move due to his passive revive when dying. Both are going to swing the battle heavily in your favor if their effects proc. He can be countered by having a tankier team with damage mitigation defense buff, anti crit, Aurius etc. However, he still does truck loads of damage and when paired with other AoE attackers or CR pusher, he becomes even scarier.

The king of RNG. With Elbris Ritual Sword artifact, he counters very often, much like what you see in Arena defenses. His S1 can also proc into an S2, even more so when the enemy is buffed. That makes him a very good attacker since enemies are bound to attack your allies. He is also strong against cleave teams due to this.

He can also act as the attack buffer as well.

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If enemy team is running Maid Chloe or any buffer, Basar can really turn the battle in your favor. His S2 also nullifies enemy damage dealer's attack.

He is usually built very fast to go first, but I have also seen slower Basars. Kayron, Melissa etc.

Best Champions for Arena (Offense)

ML Ken is a great bruiser or damage dealer depending on how he is built. With him around, your opponents can't go full damage and need some tankiness or damage mitigation to not get solo'ed by him. A strong bruiser that can revive if she kills someone. The good thing about her is she can be tanky and still do enough damage to kill most damage dealers.

This makes her extremely valuable against very offensive comps with big damage dealers like Assassin Coli, Cermia or even Seaside Bellona. Having her on counter set with high health and critical damage is going to ruin a lot of people's day when counter procs often.

Crimson seed is a good artifact to use for RTA.

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Ruele is the more defensive version of Maid Chloe. The thing is she has built in cleanse and a full revive for an ally.Tier Lists came into being as a means of rating the relative strength of characters in fighting games. Years later, outside of that genre, the same principles can be applied to mobile RPGs. The Epic Seven PvP Tier List counts the favorable matchups for each character and ranks them based on their relative chance of victory.

Her s3 can't heal if enemy puts heal ban, bad when sbell is meta.

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Summary Budget. Strong on T2 teams. Revives on death with full CR and no debuffs, with a higher scaling nuke on revive. AoE nuke char with stable 2 target dps every turn. Selling feature is that he revives upon death, with a full CR bar. In current debuff meta, This character is ensured 1 aoe nuke that can't be debuffed. Free win vs defense team with squishy characters. After nerf, he can no longer 1 shot tanks and bruisers, but still deal above half of bruiser's health and oneshot those with def debuff.

epic 7 arena defense

Best used with a slow heavy hitter. Has an extra turn baked into his kit and is a mage for Tagehel's Ancient Book usage. Spirit's Breath is also hilariously effective. He can make any slow character get a turn instantly, and is often paired with a strong nuker character who invests only on the damage, relying on this character for the turn and speed.

He is a mage so artifact Tagehel's Ancient Book is often used to supply 20 soul to the attacking team. Being a buffer who only requires the speed stat and used on dmg heavy team, he can be equipped with tank gears to draw aggro from light elemental foes, or high effect gears to utilize the aoe silence on his ultimate.

Still very average speed, so requires a speed pusher, especially at higher levels. Summary Like Watcher Schuri, but tankier. Most often paired with Iseria to provide the full CD reduction at the beginning of the fight. Beefy character who requires to be attacked several times to get a secured 1 shot of enemy character. Paired with Iseria, he can use his ultimate right away without waiting for the enemies to hit him.

Due to the self heal on his ultimate, he can often win the battle by himself even when all allies have fell. Due to the debuff meta, he nowdays does not grab effect and counter set for taunt lock, but rather a high resist along with hp and spd. He can use Strak Gauntlet to lower the resist needed, or Durandal to reduce the spd stat needed. Summary Meta-defining. The best AoE debuffer in the game. High base speed and the debuffs are applied regardless of miss. Huge CR knockback and random stuns make her a nightmare for non-immune teams.

Debuffer who specializes in crippling enemy's offensive capabilities. Brings attack, speed, and accuracy debuff in one skill, with no chance of enemy dodging it due to its special mechanism. This also lets her to act as a insurance when losing the initiation phase, if she can get a turn between the enemy initator and their characters, she can disable the enemy characters to have them waste skills.

She also has a stun and cr push to follow up on disabling the enemy. Due to her nature, she is more common in the defense team but she can be used in attack team to allow more offensive approach with a attack team that requires the combat to last a bit. Even against a defense team that isn't offense heavy, the speed debuff, cr push, and stun works well to disable slow teams.

As long as the attack team has reasonable offensive power, Dizzy is a promised victory against non fast tank teams and punishes offense heavy or turtle teams. There are many counters to Dizzy now which Dizzy can counter back by using her 3rd skill Violet, Seaside Bellona, and such. Offensive tanks are also a classic counters due to their reliance on hp and def for damage, instead of atk and crits.

Disabler build often aims to use soul burn to debuff the enemy team and push their cr back to ensure attack team's uninteruppted turn.If you have just downloaded the game, then you have the chance to obtain a 5-star hero in the selective summon stage.

epic 7 arena defense

You will also receive Covenant Bookmarks to summon heroes or artifacts. However, Rerolling process is quite lengthy as you will have to clear the whole first chapter. But you should do it if you have not got any best character.

In rerolling, you have to log in as a guest. After completing the stage in adventure mode, the game will ask you to set your nickname.

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Since you are on the guest account and rerolling process is in-progress, you have to choose the nickname wisely as you can set it only once. You will get Skystones, Covenant Bookmarks. Use the Covenant Bookmarks to summon the characters in the summon menu. And in the shop menu, you can exchange Skystones for these bookmarks. After completing the stageyou will be able to use selective summon feature that lets you summon 30 times you can confirm only once. You may get one 5-star hero or artifact per summon.

Keep summoning until you get the best 5-star character. Hit the confirm button if you are OK with on-screen heroes. If you have got the best characters from selective summon, then link the game to Google Account to save progress. You will start again. Repeat the above step to reroll again. Heroes — Artifact — Class — Warrior.

Ratings — PvP Arena 7. In-game ratings — 3. In-game ratings — 4.

Epic Seven Tier List And Rerolling Guide 2020(Updated)

Class — Soul Weaver. Our Ratings — Guild 6PvP 7. Recommended Artifact s — Shimandra Staff Increases the effect of all healing received by allies. Class — Knight. Aurius Increases DEF of all allies and absorb their damage taken. Our ratings — PvP Arena 8. Class — Mage. Class — Ranger.

Epic Seven Arena Offense Meta Teams Guide

Class — Thief. Our ratings — Guild 8Arena 8. Artifact — Sira-Ren Inflicts random debuff; decrease attack, hit chance, silence sleep, poison on enemy.

[E7] Abyss 100 - No healers. No gajabadlayaway.pw

Ratings — Arena 8. Artifact recommendation — Daydream Joker. Build for Lidica — Speed, Crit. In-game Ratings — 4.The game features anime-like graphics with great visual effects. As the player progresses through the story, more modes and features are unlocked. For this guide, we highlight some of the more important aspects of the game for beginners. Focus on your main team Epic Seven has a large variety of characters that the player can summon and utilize. However, this can become an issue when players enter a dilemma on who to use and start throwing together a random lineup.

We recommend that it is better to focus on just 1 team. The general lineup for a team should be a Knight in front, followed by either Mage, Thief or Warrior for 2 slots in the middle and a Soul Weaver at the back. The one in the front row will take the most damage hence a Knight is most suitable for it. A Soul Weaver is normally either a buffer, healer or both at the same time. Using this, players should have a balanced lineup with mixing damage and sustain.

An important note that players have to remember is the affinity system which is similar to rock-paper-scissors. In Epic Seven, there are five affinities which are fire, water, earth, light and dark.

Epic Seven Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Players should form a team with mixed affinities to avoid getting countered easily. On the other hand, it is preferable not to form a team with the same affinity. Try making a team where the characters can synchronize better with each other. Lastly, there is no such thing as a perfect team. Although players should aim for a team that is good against most mobs and arena teams, players should note that some teams have their niche.

Hence, players should aim to clear the main story as fast as possible to utilize everything from the game. Furthermore, clearing the main story gives access to nodes where players can farm for certain items. Although players can opt to auto-battle their way through, players should be aware of their progress.Enter in your username or email and you will recieve an email with a link to change your password.

This is the Epic 7 hero tier list for Global server. Keep in mind this is just an opinion and you must still make your own informed decision on whether you want to invest in the character or not. The current characters are graded based on their performance on the following areas: World - Adventure mode and farming Abyss - How useful it is in some Abyss Floors Raid - Endgame performance against various raid bosses Arakahan, Karakanis, Vera, Queen etc.

Guild Wars - How good it is in offense. We will be making changes in the future when patch updates happen. Register Register your Epic7x Wiki account. Submit Cancel. Sort Characters By.

Changes 1. Montmorancy gets a slight downgrade in PvP ratings. ML Surin gets a buff in Guild Wars rating. More old units will be adjusted gradually.

Also going to slowly revamp ratings for buffed characters. Dispel on S3 was key. More to come. Will make changes to the buffed units in the next few days after testing and researching.

ML Tenebria also dropping some points due to SS Bellona being dominant in end game and making her less useful. No description available. No artifact recommendations. No sets recommendations.

Join E7x Newsletter for Latest Updates!Enter in your username or email and you will recieve an email with a link to change your password. Spread the love This is a list of arena teams that you can use to climb. Most are viable up to challenger, which is the league you want to stay in for the sweet skystones per week. Arena Level: Champion. Arena Level: Challenger. A fast speed cleave that can clean challenger teams in 30 seconds or less. This comp is great at dismantling Dizzy and ML Baal comps.

Jecht is there for the speed imprint. Challenger Dominiel can dish out good single target damage. Baiken is there to 1 shot Dizzy or any DPS. This team by Astranox utilises C.

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The team is designed to push combat readiness from C. This allows C. Mercedes to use her S3 into her S2 immediately with the combat readiness push. Team is weak to counter teams though and is quite squishy. Otherwise, it is a great comp to clear your arena battles quickly. TK uses Celestial Mercedes alongside Bellona to cleave enemies in challenger. This team is great and can help you stay in challenger to get the sweet skystones. That almost guarentees she goes again after using her S3.

He shows stats of some of his heroes around the mark. Here are some things I picked up testing her in arena:. She provides many benefits for your team, but there are comparable specialist that provides the same.

epic 7 arena defense

Mind you, this does not make her weak at all due to her wide coverage as an opener. Judith is equipped with a team-wide CR boost with a base speed of ML Baal, Violin-Dizzy can dispel 1 buff with a base speed of Basar has a base speed of and Hurado base speed of Both can AOE dispell all buffs. ML Cidd is able to silence 1 character with a base speed of Assassin Coli is able to stun 1 character wit ha base speed of Smilegate Megaport released the Epic Seven game worldwide in November Epic Seven game features over heroes, over monsters, three guardians, and over 60 artifacts equip to the heroes to activate passive skills.

In addition to the adventure and arena mode, Epic Seven game also features item farming game modes such as Labyrinth, spirit altar, challenge, abyss, hunt, and much more.

You should not have any problem with the battle mechanics as its pretty simple and easy to understand. The player can opt up to four heroes in the team for the battle and defense. In the battle, heroes in the team unleash their skill to slay down the enemies. You can use basic skill anytime. But to use the special skills, you will have to wait a certain number of turns. As you use these skills, you will acquire the souls.

These souls are required to summon the guardian in the team. At the bottom of the battle screen, you can check the soul bar. Once you have enough souls, tap the guardian icon to summon. The guardian in Epic Seven game helps you in the battle by dealing damage to the enemies. You can equip the guardian in the team settings. Soul Burn Effect — In the battle, you will often see a burn button when you have enough souls.

It consumes souls and activates soul burn effect. So you can either save souls to summon guardian or in unleashing the soul burn effect.

As you progress through the game, you will be facing epic monsters in the battle. And here comes the upgrading part. There are a number of ways to obtain heroes in Epic Seven game; from the adventure mode, by completing chapters.

By completing the connections. Via summoning. Summoning is the main method though.

epic 7 arena defense

In the lobby, on the left side, tap the table to enter the connections menu. Complete the connection progress to acquire a hero. At the beginning of the game, you have Covenant Summon, Friendship Summon options.

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