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You can grab free ith machine embroidery designs if you just know where to look for it. ITH machine embroidery makes embroidering and finishing articles in a very professional manner, so much easier. In fact, I am so spoiled, I'd rather do ith embroidery than just normally stitching out a design - I've said it. If you are not familiar with ITH In-the-hoop embroidery, it is in short, a machine embroidery design that allows you to complete a project in one or more hoopings with little or no further sewing required.

It is such a privilege to share more of the world of machine embroidery with you, especially free designs! I am totally addicted to ITH embroidery and really love the simplicity of the process. Check it out! Here follows some of the best In the hoop designs found on different sites:.

If you subscribe to Artistic Design Works, you will receive weekly freebie alerts. This site is actively providing value to subscribers. On top of giving away designs, lots of different machine embroidery advice is shared. What I like most about this site, is that freebies are seasonal too. Subscribe today to be able to obtain some free embroidery designs. I might think I am Queen Bee with this little crown! Make the adorable in the hoop baby bib.

If you do not have a bigger hoop than 5 x 7, embroider one for your little girl's doll! Replace the flower with another design or monogram to personalise the bib even more. C rayon rolls handy whenever you travel, go to church or even as a gift! What a neat design offered for free.

An Etsy shop that offers a direct downloadable design. Currently it is a Zippered bag with an appliqued Sewing machine. Download the free ITH doll and dress from this site to keep little ones busy. There are more collections available to purchase too. I played with my paper dolls until they lost their heads literallyI guess these might only get dirty but should be a lot stronger than what we used as children! Grab the Easter Towel Hanger from Smartneedle.

Free designs saved to your account will never expire! If you join the Bean Stitchers Facebook groupyou will receive access to a lot of free designs. I am sharing the Minion Snapbean with you! This is something the little and big men in our lives would love A gift card is always a good idea if you do not know the receiver too well.

To put a very personal touch to it, make the gift card holder. Again, the apple can be replaced with apicture, word or monogram!Fits most 4x4 hoops. We are posting this freebie as our way of saying "Thank you" to all of our wonderfully loyal Website and Facebook customers. We have reached over 50, Facebook fans and we have well over 4, yahoo group members. We appreciate everyone and are happy to give this fun in the hoop project to all.

Many uses for this fun little case. Don't you hate it when your equal packets slip to the bottom of your purse and get all yucky! Little Zipper case to the rescue! You can also use it for other small items such as chapstick or lipstick:. Check Back soon - new designs and fonts are added often. Your instructions are easy to follow. Ask a question about this product. Description Related Products. Many uses for this fun little case - Don't you hate it when your equal packets slip to the bottom of your purse and get all yucky!

You can also use it for other small items such as chapstick or lipstick: Quick and easy, you will love how fast this goes together. Fully lined and quilted on the front with a trendy wave quilt stitch, it's perfect for carrying coins and cash as well as many other small items. It's a great way to give cash to the grand kids - make them in their favorite colors! Perfect little stocking stuffers for Candy, Christmas Cash, Earbuds, etc:. Come "Like" us on Facebook and join the fun. We have Facebook Member exclusive free designs offered to all Facebook Members!

New Doll & Toy Pattern Round Up Summer 2019

We answer all kinds of embroidery questions on our page - perfect place to learn! Come join our yahoo group. I'll bet you'll meet up with some of your other embroidery friends!!

You can join us at the link below - We have FREE fonts and designs available to our yahoo members also! Zippered Kleenex Case In the Elegant Embossed Monogram Co Draw String Bags In the Hoop Thanksgiving Burlap Coasters Diana Font.

Carolyn Triple Stitch Applique Font. Boy Sheep Applique Barnyard. Cow Barnyard Applique. Dolphin Silly Sea Creature Applique. Swirl Heart Applique Monogram. Split Easter Eggs Applique. Blue Marlin Coasters In the Hoop. Christmas Lights In the Hoop Banner.I bought this to make for my granddaughter and I love it! It stitched out beautifully! Very cute flat doll. Went together easy and is adorable. I absolutely loved how it turned and will definitely make over and over again.

I was unable to get the PDF to work on my iPad but was still able to figure out how to do it all. If I was to want anything changed maybe just a thin finishing stitch so there is no rick of the fabric pulling away from the felt. I love the Juno baby from Planet Applique! It stitched out perfectly with no problems and the tutorial is perfect! I tried everything and I am not a person that gives up easily!

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But it was a simple fix; just use the other hand! My baby turned out delightful!

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Thank you Planet Applique! This sewed up so nicely. I followed the directions in the blog and it was not hard at all. I will be making more for sure! This was my first PA project and even though it had a lot of fiddly work that left my sewing room in a mess my fault I had lots of fun and made 2 for my 1 grand daughter one for our home when she visits and one she can take home Would suggest you add a strip of velcro the rough side on the tummy it helps the outfits to stick better.

She loved it, and her other Gramma asked if I could make one for her to give as a gift. I think the design is very much fun but i have used felt yet the dresses do no stick. Would have loved to see in the instruction how to make the dresses stick to the doll.

Embroidery Machine Patterns

I enjoyed making Maggie set I found it was easier just to use a selection of felt, I did do the process of using the applique stick and seal for fabric but it took a longer process, you need to have your choice of fabric done before you start.

I would like to try doing the boy version I think it is a great idea for kids for quiet time or when you are travelling. Make a unpaper doll complete with three outfits, a pet kitty, and a house tote with her bed on one side and a dresser and cat bed on the other side.

Its perfect for little princesses to carry around! Doll comes with option to embroidery the shoes directly on her, or to go with felties shoes.

Easy to follow instructions included! You can also read the full tutorial here on our blog. This project is for the 4X4 hoop and up!!!

in the hoop dolls free

Yes, thats right! The house tote for the 4x4 lacks the traingle shape and is instead a square.

in the hoop dolls free

You will receive the kit in 4x4 hoop size, 5x7 hoop size and 6x10 hoop size. So three sizes for each kit. The 4x4 is made in 7 hoopings and the 5x7 and 6x10 are made in 5 hoopings. A fun project especially to complete with your daughter or granddaughter. Teach them to love sewing!Advanced Search Search Tips. Designs stitch out quick and come with easy to follow instructions with pictures.

in the hoop dolls free

Make different dresses by changing the felt color and print or by adding embellishments. Use the ribbons or add Velcro to dresses to keep them securely on doll. Dresses are reversible if you use the ribbon method. Design Sizes: Doll This design set was based on clipart from our friends at mygrafico. Newfound applique holds Copyright on all its embroidery designs.

Reselling or distributing our designs is prohibited. This is NOT a finished item that will be mailed to you. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Showing reviews of 10 Next. These cute dolls so up perfectly and so easy.

I just love making them. All my friends and their kids love them too. And the closet tote and dresses that complete the set sre just as brilliant. Thanks for yr gorgeous designs.

I have had a lot of enjoyment with this project and will get a lot of enjoyment sharing it with my grand daughter. Made this product for my 3-year old granddaughter. A quick and easy product to make with very clear instructions. The level of detail is amazing, and is great addition to Grandma's toy box.

All prices are in USD. Copyright Newfound Applique. Sitemap Ecommerce Hosting by BigCommerce. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips.

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See 9 more pictures. Your Price:. Enter your name: optional.In The Hoop embroidery features machine embroidery designs and projects that are completed in your embroidery hoop. You'll be amazed how easy and fun these in the hoop projects are as you watch your embroidery machine construct the embroidery project for you.

In the Hoop In The Hoop embroidery features machine embroidery designs and projects that are completed in your embroidery hoop. Product Type Design Collection OESD Non-Licensed Licensed Add To Cart. Felt Finger Puppets. Large Snap Pouch 1. Blessed Coaster. Name Above all Names Bookmarks. In the Hoop Floral Bracelets.

In The Hoop Elegance Bags. In the Hoop Cup Wraps. Golf Mug Rug. Bunny Finger Puppet.

in the hoop dolls free

Cat Finger Puppet. In the Hoop Cactus Pincushions. Small Snap Pouch 1. Raccoon Finger Puppet. In the Hoop Zippered Pouches. Sewing Room. Dog Finger Puppet. ITH Blank Pouch. Tea Kettle Mug Rug Applique. Fox Finger Puppet. Countdown to Christmas. Cuddly Keychains. Name Drop Luggage Tags. Owl Finger Puppet. Frog Finger Puppet. In the Hoop Classic Door Hangers.Welcome Login.

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Show 10 20 50 Products by page. Select to compare. In Hoop Cuddle Babies! These are adorable and can be stitched from start to finish in about 30 minutes! You can use any fabrics. Molly DollShe comes in 4x4 5x7 6x10 7x11 8x Great to carry around and have a best friend. The body is not stuffed so it is like a soft comfy little blanket.

You can personalize on the blanket to for a keepsake! This is a boy and girl designa pdf file for instructions is included. You can make and sell finished products only. In Hoop Cuddle BabiesThese are adorable and can be stitched from start to finish in about 30 minutes!

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The fabrics pictured are blue - minky, orange - cotton woven, purple - velboa, green - flannel, and pink - fleeceYou can use the smallest size for an ornament on a tree like pictured and can also be personalized! Her bottle and paci felties are made and attached to her so they won't get lost. She comes with the clothing shown panty, dress and shoes all made in a single 4x4 hoopChange hair colors to show simply by changing your fabric you create a different look.

She gave one curly ponytails and one braids.

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This is perfect New products. My account. Sign out. Browse the mobile site. Information Copyright Privacy Conditions of Use.For about a year now I've been moderating a wonderful private Facebook group for softie designers. One of our new members is Ann Mackowski.

The group was curious about how Ann makes softies using an embroidery machine. Everyone in our group was fascinated. I was eager to learn even more about embroidery machine-made softies so I reached out to Ann and she very kindly agreed to tell me more about "in the hoop. A sampling of "in the hoop" softies created on embroidery machines. Before we hear from Ann, let me say that up until now when I thought of an embroidery machine I imagined something you would use to add a monogram to a baby blanket or a sweatshirt.

In a way I was right, but there's more to it than I'd thought. This file tells the machine what kind of stitches to use, how many and where. The user chooses the thread colors, the fabric and the stabilizer.

Most of these designs are quite generic and kind of dated, so users start looking for other options quickly. But like the rest of the sewing pattern industry, there is a growing field of indie designers, too. A quick Etsy search brings up over 8, digital embroidery patterns. Sara of Dolls and Daydreams, a highly successful softie and doll pattern seller on Etsy, now has 12 "in the hoop" toy patterns.

Many sewists are drawn to embroidery machines for the automation. ITH opens up a whole world of opportunity for these people. It seems to take some of the fear out of the process for them. Ann explained that ITH patterns are quick and fairly simple, too. Complex details like faces are stitched right onto the softie, so there is no need to learn hand embroidery. Complex designs rarely takes more than an hour and many are much faster.

Some people merge in letters using software to add a name to the owl's belly or even a small design like a heart or a cancer awareness ribbon. How do you make a softie?

How do you use an embroidery machine to make an ITH softie?

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